Life-long passion for the law- trial advocacy, evidence, fact-finding, probabilities & ethics.

- Simon Davis, Trial Lawyer & Author

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“Upon arrest, Manson would identify himself as ‘Charles Manson also known as Jesus Christ’, although he would later announce in court that he hadn’t decided what he was or who he was”

Simon Davis is the first truly independent trial lawyer to write about the notorious Manson Family murder spree of 1969.

The murders were some of the wildest and most vicious in the annals of crime set against the backdrop of a hazy hippie summer in which flowers and music would fill the air at Woodstock just days after the Tate/LaBianca murders.

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About Simon Davis

Before turning to writing, Simon Davis studied and practiced law for 35 years.

He completed degrees in Law and Arts (history/sociology) between 1979 and 1984 and practiced as a trial lawyer in Sydney, Australia, from 1984 until 2014.

He practiced in different areas of the law, but his principle interest was, and still is, trial advocacy and associated subjects including evidence, fact-finding, probabilities and ethics.

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